Crooked Karma

by crooked karma

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The curious thing about Crooked Karma is the fact that the two members of the band have never actually met in person! Singer-Songwriters: Australian Warren Newton and Irishman Liam Oragh met each other and started collaborating on-line through music video sharing site Musicians Together (MT) and what started off as a few fun songs and videos turned into multiple songs and finally this self-produced album.

“This was us having a little fun in between our own solo projects – throwing ideas around and not taking ourselves too seriously – hopefully ending up with something with quality in its quirkiness…” Liam Oragh

Crooked Karma: The name – I chose an adjective, Crooked, and Warren chose a noun – Karma – simple as that!
The Music: People often mention Lou Reed when it comes to Liam Oragh and John Lennon when it comes to Warren Newton – Guess people will have to make up their own minds about this musical fusion…

“With all the bad stories you read about the internet, this was it at its best and what it was made for I think - to make interesting friends with similar interests leading to working and writing music together, and with the wonders and simplicity of dropbox for filesharing and protools (not quite so easy) and tracktion for the music production – it is possible to put together albums of music without ever needing to meet – plus if there’s ever a disagreement or argument, having the other person over 3000 miles away helps…lol (LO)”
“Make that 10500 miles..If I drive 3000 miles mate I'm still in Oz!” W.N


released November 29, 2015

There's no such thing as bad karma - only crooked...



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crooked karma Dublin, Australia

Crooked Karma are Liam Oragh from Ireland and Warren Newton from Australia - We've Never Met!

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Track Name: Inevitable
"I've been wondering if my girlfriend's silent whispers
could be turned into a no-holds-barred full-blooded scream
I've been wondering if her taunting could be turned upon its head
to let the mocking come from me
Holed up in my head
Stuck on possibilities
Relinquishing control
Refusing to bow to the inevitable...
I've been wondering when these tinges of unhappiness
started bearing rotten fruit
I've been wondering when these needles of resentment
started piercing through my skin

And if I could turn back the clock
would my antennas be tuning in
And if I could turn back the clock
Would my brain be zoning out
And if I could turn back the clock
Would I hear your favourite phrase
" You'll never change" "
Track Name: Redhead
"I fell in love with a genuine redhead
not one of those dyed-up jobs
She made me feel so indestructible
warm funny and fiery (yeah yeah)

I fell in love with a genuine redhead
she always laughed at my jokes
even when it was blatently obvious
not as funny as I thought I was...

She had a fine wine sense of humour
She'd want to have to put up with me
She couldn't handle my truculent nature
never change to what you want me to be..

And if i treated you shabbily
my head plays a different tune to my heart
And if I treated you like I didnt care
I was too wrapped up in my own nonsense

I fell in love with a beautiful redhead
not as romantic as it sounds
We bumped our heads in a supermarket aisle
tripped over each other and fell to the ground

She had the cutest of freckles
always multiplied in the sun
but if you disturbed her before her make-up was on
not even God could pluck you out of that frying pan

I fell in love with a Genuine Redhead - yeah yeah yeah yeah..."
Track Name: Timebomb
" When I think of all the times that you left me
When I think of all the times you came back
when I think of all the moments we shared
that can never be brought back intact

Shaken from memory shard
it brings a glimmer
a flicker of a smile to my face
When I think back to the moment we met
when i think of how certain I felt
when i think of all the fun that we had
when i think of all the sadness we shared
Can never tell what the future may hold
every action has an equal and an opposite reaction

There was no way of knowing
that when two worlds collide
that the fragments would eventually scatter
pushing people way off to the side
When i think of the adventure
of getting to know how we ticked
I never knew - but I'll always want to know
When exactly - I pulled the switch on the
Track Name: Holy Fingers
"G.O.D - I've been thinkng about the world - as it turned
I've been thinking about our lives - we are what we learn
If there's a white man with a beard in the sky looking down
he'd say - I'm proud of you son..?

I don't care what you say - they're not games that you played
when you turned your back on kids you could have saved
i don't care what you claim - or the red hat you gained
Don't talk of God when all you have is shame

Holy fingers on a list of names - of lives cut to the bone
Holy fingers on a list of names - you won't lift up the phone!
no more virgins - 'cause you stifled all their screams
there's a vulture keeping a vigil by your bed.

Where's the innocence in my dream that i used to have
sworn to secrecy
there's no pixies in my garden anymore
Track Name: Pop Up Politician
" I'm a pop-up politician
I pop up every time
you win or bring us glory
with a handshake and an insincere smile

I'm a pop-up politician
I avoid you when you lose
I only pop up when you're champs
and the cameras flash and zoom

I 'm a pop-star politician
I hyjack all your hype
I don't have any fans of my own
so I steal yours on the night

I'm a pop-up politician
I'll show up when you die
pressing flesh with sweaty palms
while your relatives are passing by

Pop-up Pop-up Pop-up
the media shoots them down
Pop-up Pop-up Pop-up
cheerleaders of the town
Pop-up Pop-up Pop-up
the media shoots them down
Pop-UP Pop-Up Pop-up
cheerleaders dressed as clowns

cartoom cut-out man
give me an inch and i'll haul in a mile
seduce your wife if i can

Pop-Up Politician's gonna Pop-up now..."
Track Name: Reductive
"I've gotta find out how to use a word like reductive
I've gotta find out how to use a word like chicane
then slip them into my conversation
like i'm simply passing the time of day
I've gotta find out how to use a word like germane

I've gotta forget how to use a word thats destructive
i've gotta find out how to use a word that will heal
then slip them into my conversation
like i'm simply passing the time of day
I've gotta find out how to use a word like surreal

words that make you laugh
words that cause you pain
words that force you to feel
thunder peal cascades of rain

i've gotta fnd out how to make myself more seductive
i've gotta fina out how to make myself more charming
Track Name: Turtles
Maybe the world was made for us
So that we could find eachother in it
The world is nothing but for the fact
Love found it in our image

Never rely on what you see
Not everything can be seen

If the world vanishes without trace
what is left is ours to face
our little life is fraught with choice
I hope we don't take a wrong turn

Never rely on what you see
not everything can be seen

I will always believe that love
is the highest value
but i don't believe that love
is the answer, nor the solution

Love is a force of nature like the sun
as necessary, as impersonal, and as gigantic
warming, and drought-giving as it is life-giving
when it burns out, the planet dies...

Never rely...

We meet, we don't meet, we have lunch
so good to see you again
did we unconsciously choose the wrong road
it always leads to nowhere

Turtles hatch in the sand
not many of them make it to the sea
once there, the sharks are waiting
days disappear and get swallowed up
But the ones that make it swim out
and return for the rest of your life

Don't wait, don't tell the story later
life is so short, this stretch of sea and sand
this walk along the shore
don't wait, don't tell the story later
before the tide covers everything

A Story with a happy ending?
There's no such thing my dear
just an ending.......the beginning of what happens next
Track Name: I Won't Close The Door
" I won't close the door - you're still in my heart
it's just weary to the bone
like a leaf that don't know where to fall
will someday come to rest like us all
i hope that you're there..

Sun keeps rising - Day after day
and it will for a while to come
memories keep on moving
flowing on through
like a paper boat on a stream

Dawn is breaking - there'll be blue skies again
But not for a while to come
i'll seperate the memories
with sweetness of time
no bitterness will poison me